Climate change is real, and we need to act aggressively fast to reverse this life-threatening development. Familiarize yourself with these important labels, apps, and websites in order to make wise choices.

Energy Labels

If you don’t see a label here, they have not been deemed as highly reliable (note: no state or regional labels have been evaluated).

Energy Apps

Carbon Footprint Calculator
Bring down our energy bills and reduce your impact.

The GoodGuide
Scan a product’s barcode and see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for more than 50,000 products and companies.

The Good Shopping Guide
From shampoos to travel, from fashion to investments, this app helps you find products and services that are kind to people, animals, and the environment.

Helps you reduce gas emissions and save on fuel costs.

Light Bulb Finder
Find the perfect bulb and save energy.

Zero Carbon
Reduce your personal footprint.

Energy Websites

The Good Guide
Safe, healthy, green, and ethical product reviews based on scientific ratings.

Green America
Harnessing economic power to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

Founding B Corporation Green Living Enterprises has contributed greatly to increasing awareness and inspiring personal action through Greenliving.

National Geographic Green Guide
Covering a wide breadth of products and services, with super useful product-specific buying guides, this site earns the highest rating by Ecofluent.

SCS Global Services
A third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification company, this site offers a nifty search feature so you can find SCS certified products.

Terrapass provides the resources necessary for companies and individuals to understand and take responsibility for their climate impact.