The idea behind Ecofluent is simple, but powerful.
Individual choices can change our world.

We Are Not Powerless

It’s hard not to feel helpless in today’s world, as we face daily reminders of climate change, environmental degradation, mass extinctions, and social inequities.

But we are not powerless. In fact, individual purchasing decisions by numerous individuals can actually change the world. And that’s what Ecofluent is about. Providing you with the tools and resources to spend your money in ways that will transform our world.

How Do Individual Spending Decisions Change the World?

So, how do your purchases at the grocery store, for example, help to stop extinction and environmental degradation? Because economic pressure is a powerful instrument for change. Large corporations routinely change their offerings, practices, and policies in direct response to consumer behavior. And when hundreds of thousands of us take them on, change happens rapidly.

Ecofluent Resources

Our resources are specifically tailored to help you make everyday decisions to drive change, and are organized in a way that makes accessing the information you need easy. There’s a lot of choices out there, and a lot of confusing messages and labels. In fact, many companies practice “greenwashing”—a term that describes the deceptive act of misleading consumers regarding a company’s environmental practices, making it difficult to identify the best choices.

How does Ecofluent decide what resources to include?

At Ecofluent, we are guided by the following principles:

Ecofluent lists only those resources that we determine to be the very best (see “Excellence below), because we know you are bombarded daily with confusing information. We want to provide you with an easy-to-use resource that you can absolutely trust and actually use.

We review our resources continually to ensure they deliver on their promise. We add items as we find new and better resources. We remove resources who change practices and no longer are deemed appropriate. And we want to hear from you—let us know about resources you feel are great and concerns you may have regarding any of our information. The goal is to provide you with the resources you can trust.

We include resources that meet all of the following criteria:
» Third party evaluations and verification
» Absence of any conflicts of interest
» Nonprofit status
» Ease of use

We work hard to help you make the very best choices you can, one’s that will positively address habitat loss, climate change, and harm to our environment. Check out the various sections in Ecofluent to learn more!