We are not makers of history. We are made by history. 
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

4 Osprey, the umbrella nonprofit organization for the Ecofluent initiative, was founded in 2009. Between 2009 and 2014, the organization focused on providing resources for identifying sustainable products and services; encouraging personal empowerment and action; educating school children through an innovative partnership with Next Generation School located in Champaign, Illinois and Pachico’s Eco Tours of San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Surs, Mexico (home of the first friendly whale encounter); helping to create a sustainable education center at Pachico’s Eco Tours; and providing healthy and organic snacks for low-income and food-insecure children in the Champaign-Urbana area. In less than five years, over 25,000 organic snacks were distributed to area children; schoolchildren of Next Generation were able to learn about grey whales and Mexico through an art-based partnership with their friends at Pachico’s (culminating in an enthusiastic school assembly when founder Rebecca McBride presented an educational video of her trip to San Ignacio); and funding was provided to Pachico’s to help with the creation of an educational center in San Ignacio Lagoon.


In 2014, Ecofluent began to re-focus its efforts on providing a fuller range of tools and resources for individuals to use when spending money in the marketplace. Using the principles of supply and demand, Ecofluent is designed to increase demand for products and services that do not adversely effect our environment’s habitats or species (including human), in order to help create an economy that supports sustainability. Ten percent of all donations to Ecofluent and 4 Osprey will go to a nonprofit organization of the donor’s choice, in recognition of the wide network of efforts needed to create a sustainable world.


The new Ecofluent website was launched in 2016.