Our board of directors brings years of experience in a variety of disciplines, and offers invaluable guidance to our efforts.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.47.28 AMREBECCA MCBRIDE
Founder and President

Rebecca brings over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, management, and marketing to the organization, most recently as Senior Associate Director of the University of Illinois’ Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Throughout her life, she has felt an inherent and spiritual connection with the natural world, and a compelling desire to re-examine the relationship between humankind and our environment. After earning her MBA from the University of Illinois, she began a personal exploration of the writings and teachings surrounding environmental science, environmental sociology, environmental ethics and related fields. Those studies, combined with her lifelong interest in sustainability were catalyzed into action by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2005 (she is currently cancer-free), and in 2008, 4 Osprey—an organization designed to promote the acceptance of an ecocentric value system—was born.


Vice President

Anni is the owner of Mowgli Studio, a graphic design and marketing firm for pivotal non-profits and socially responsible businesses. Anni strongly believes, as a graphic designer, she is responsible for deciding where to encourage consumers to spend their money or put their efforts. Marketing is a small, but potent, part of our systems.

After reading Rachel Carsonʼs 1962 book, “Silent Spring”, which documented the negative environmental side-effects of pesticides—she was moved to change her focus in college, graduating with a BS in Earth Systems, Environment & Society with a focus in Science of the Earth System, as well as an AA in Graphic Design.

Anni also is a vegan, intersectional activist—recognizing all forms of injustice and how closely they intertwine with one another. In order to see true change in the world, she believes in acknowledging social justice for one issue (for example, environmentalism) cannot ignore (or aggravate) other issues.


Betsy is an independent landscaper in the Champaign-Urbana area of Illinois, encouraging clients to incorporate organic methods and native species into their exterior designs. She is a graduate of Chapmanʼs School of Seamanship and Professional Mariner Training Program. She now resides on a partially wooded, 7 acre property along the Sangamon River (no good for sailing, but awesome, nonetheless), which she of course maintains organically. Prior to self-employment, she worked at large corporations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Quaker Oats.




Cassie brings seven years of sustainable business experience in small businesses and organizations throughout Illinois. Cassie is currently the Program Director for The Land Connection, a non-profit organization working to train new farmers and promote local foods. She brings experience in sustainable business program development, accreditation, non-profit management, and grant writing to this position.

Cassie has had a passion for sustainability ever since her and her father took long walks in the woods as a teen, learning about the intricacies of nature and exploring our human effects on our natural landscapes. Due to this cultivated curiosity from traipsing through the forest, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois. After graduating, she noticed a disparity between our ecology and economy, and launched the Illinois Green Business Association in 2008 with close friends. Her passion for sustainable business, local impact and efficiency has continued to grow, seeking new strategies and models of integration of sustainable strategies in businesses and communities and exploring the balance between economic benefit and environmental impact.

Cassie also currently serves as the coordinator of the Green Business Engagement National Network (GBENN), coordinating networking and information-sharing opportunities for green business programs across the United States. Locally, she enjoys serving a variety of community organizations, such as the University YMCA, but she also enjoys cooking, yoga, gardening, and learning the art of creating natural beauty care products.



Bridget Lee-Calfas strives to be, at heart, a communicator who believes in the lasting impact of building strong relationships throughout our shared communities. In her 15+ years of experience in the performing arts, higher education, and non-profit marketing, development, and management, Bridget has led major strategic campaigns, awakened innovative fundraising enterprises, and collaborated in classrooms, on stages, and around the way through positions in Illinois, North Carolina, and Connecticut. Her connection to the environment and to sustainable practices have always been inherent, but motherhood (and the three little people associated with it) has deepened a sense of urgency when it comes to the state of our earthly home and our ability to impact change through every day choices.