Leading scientists estimate 75 to 100 species go extinct every day. Every day. It’s hard not to feel completely powerless in light of such complex and significant challenges facing our environment and the beautiful beings that inhabit it. But you are not powerless.

The idea behind Ecofluent is simple, but powerful.
Individual choices can change our world.

By making everyday purchases that support companies who place a high value on sustainability—whether it’s a grocery store purchase, investment decision, or travel destination—we can collectively use the principles of supply and demand to fundamentally reshape our economy to one that supports a balanced and healthy environment.
At Ecofluent, you’ll find the resources you need to make sure your choices count.
So let’s change the world. Together.

Spend wisely. Spend kindly. Be ecofluent.


Ecofluent Trusted Labels


We review our resources continually to ensure they deliver on their promise. And we want to hear from you— the goal is to provide you with the resources you can trust.