Ecofluent was inspired by Albert Einstein, Galileo, and many others who demonstrated fundamental truths before we were ready to accept or understand them—and illustrated the power of the human mind to seek out truth, grasp complex notions, create solutions, and make what might first appear to be impossible, possible. And in so doing, they changed our world.

When I first learned that a clock in motion ticks more slowly than a stationary clock, it seemed utterly impossible. I’ve explored Einstein’s theory of general and special relativity—read various online resources and publications to grasp the concept—yet it still seems so implausible.

Yet, in fact, it’s true.

Galileo spent much of his life under house arrest because he championed the idea that the Earth isn’t actually at the center of the universe.

Yet, in fact, it’s true.

It is upon these once seemingly implausible truths—and so many other equally jaw-dropping scientific and technological discoveries—that Ecofluent is built, and from which it finds its hope, determination, and purpose.

Because, in fact, it’s true that we as a human species are completely reliant on our shared ecosystem to survive—and we are simultaneously capable of creating a beautifully balanced ecosystem that preserves and celebrates the beauty of all life.

Because, in fact, it’s true that climate change is realand we can ultimately return to an appropriate climate.

But these evolutionary possibilities can only become reality through our collective commitment and action.

Ecofluent empowers each and every one of us to be a part of the solution—regardless of your profession or background or personal circumstances—by providing you with the knowledge and tools to apply economic and social pressure—proven to be a powerful and effective mechanism for change.

So spend wisely. Spend kindly. Because, in fact, it’s possible.

About the Author:

Ecofluent Founder and President

Rebecca brings over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, management, and marketing to the organization, most recently as Senior Associate Director of the University of Illinois’ Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Throughout her life, she has felt an inherent and spiritual connection with the natural world, and a compelling desire to re-examine the relationship between humankind and our environment. After earning her MBA from the University of Illinois, she began a personal exploration of the writings and teachings surrounding environmental science, environmental sociology, environmental ethics and related fields. Those studies, combined with her lifelong interest in sustainability were catalyzed into action by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2005 (she is currently cancer-free), and in 2008, 4 Osprey—an organization designed to promote the acceptance of an ecocentric value system—was born.


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